This machine realises sterilisation reels from two bobbins of medical paper and film or other complexes.
In case of pre-printed paper with indicators the production of hospital reels is also possible.
The reels with an adjustable length up to 200 m are manufactured at a speed up to 17m / min depending on the type of material used.
The winding station equipped with 2 or 4 reels holder is controlled through servomotors for an optimum use.

Dimensions: L 3,52 x W 1,10 x H 1,85 m
Weight: 970 kg
Pressure: 6 bars
Power:  400-Watt 3,5 kW

ouble or multi lane version, automatic edge guide system, printing units. Other on demand.

Sterilisation reels dimensions:
Length: until 200 m
Width: from 70 to 450 mm

Packaging material:
Paper/ PET-PP or PET-PE, Tyvek®/PET-PE Peel, Alu/Alu, or other (consult us).