24 Oct.

ALL-WRAP is present at COMPAMED(MEDICA) fair trade in Düsseldorf Germany which will take place from 16 to 19 November 2015 . You are welcome on our booth 8a M19 !

2015 is rich in events:

25 Sep.

Nicolas Colson, engineer graduate from ENSAM (ParisTech), son of founders joined the company in January as project & development manager.

Our last innovations :
- The rotary four side seal pouching machines RCN can be  equipped of numerous innovations: robots, precise control over the reels tensionning, web guiding system for an ideal superposition of the two packaging material webs.  Micrometric system allowing sealing pressure calibration for frequent changes of packaging materials such as papier, Tyvek®, film laminate, aluminum foil.  Printing systems with traceability and labelling controlled by OCR , barcode, QR Code and product positioning.

- Conception of a fully automated packaging line for catheters with high control of traceability drived through Siemens
Simotion® automation.


20 Nov.

ALL-WRAP is present at COMPAMED/MEDICA fair trade in Düsseldorf, Germany which will take place from 20 to 22 November 2013 – Booth 8a M19. The company is exhibiting the pouch machine model RCN 320 double lane destined to conditioning of surgical gloves in peelable and sterilizable pouches.

With 150 pouch / minute or up to 150 000 pairs / day, this machine gains an incomparable production capacity that has ever been noted in the market of surgical gloves.

ARAB Health 2013

31 Jan.

ALL-WRAP is present at ARAB Health exhibition in Dubai, United Arab Emirates which will take place from 28 to 31 January 2013 – Booth ZU 09.

Exhibition ComPaMED (MEDICA) in Düsseldorf (Germany) - booth 8a M19

14 Nov.

Exhibitions: Every year, for 10 years, we have taken part in the largest global exhibition in the medical sector. Located at Düsseldorf, it brings more than 4500 exhibitors from more than 180 countries. This essential date enables us to meet in the same place all our partners from all over the world.
We take part punctually in other exhibitions such as: Arab Health in Dubai, Medtec in Stuttgart, Hospimedica in Bombay, IRGCE in Kuala Lumpur, Hospitalar in Sao Paulo…

NEW POUCHING MACHINE (published by DeviceMed/2010)

16 Dec.

Specialized in four-side-seal flexible medical packaging, the company All-Wrap Machinery represents the new RCN 270 pouching machine equipped with Siemens Simotion.

This device have been especially examined for this full rotary machine and enables camshafts without stopping the machine. The modular concept of the range RCN thus becomes upgradeable depending on the user’s needs (in addition, sealing modules, special cuts, etc.).

The monitoring of the pneumatic pressure with an alarm control option and the automatic rejection of the non-conformable pouches is in accordance with the IS 11607-7 norm for packaging of medical devices.

The machine stores all the settings of different pouches made usually by the user in the program memory. Hence available in RCN 320 version (pouches up to 320 mm in width), this pouching machine enables the wrapping of surgical gloves in a double lane reaching up to 150 pouches per minute.

Equipped with a new system of a rotary cutting this range of machines produces peelable pouches easy to open and at the same time reduces the material loss. This ultra silent device significantly reduces as well the noise in the process of production making the use of the machine more comfortable for the industrial environment. Flexible due to the uselessness of the tool change, the range RCN packages all the types of medical consumables such as sticking dressings, hydrocolloids, hydrocellulose, drapes, absorbent dressings as well as catheters, surgical gloves, sutures, etc.

PEELABLE FLAT POUCHES (published by devicemed france/2010)

10 Nov.

Introduced to the market in November 2009 for producing peelable and sterilized flat pouches, the horizontal RCN 320 four-side-seal packaging machine functions with two reels of thermo sealable  material in a standard version.

Conceived in kind of a fully modular design by All-Wrap Packaging Machinery, this packaging machine permits to escape any intervention of a technical staff usually necessary for changing the cross sealing tools in the case of the product exchange.

Use of a simple manual parameter setting in the control display is enough to engage the sealing or cutting group corresponding to the type of desired sealing. Due to this flexibility  the pouching machine RCN enables the packaging of medical devices of the new generation  on a peelable film or paper, complex aluminum and Tyvek without changing the tools. It suits highly for surgical gloves as well as for gauze/absorbent/hydrocellulose dressings or hydrogels.

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