Dedicated to small products as sutures, wound closure strips or long and thin such as catheters, pipettes and tubes the RCN 160 is the smallest of the range able to run at low speed for small batches.
- Compact

- User friendly
- Pouches up to 160 mm of width

- Packaging material:  All thermo sealable or cold sealable composites & Tyvek
Linear speed: up to 25 m/min
Pouch width: 30 to 160 mm
Pouch length: 50 mm to any length to produce tubing
Height of product: up to 25 mm
Cycle rate: up to 120 cycles/min by lane
Reel diameter: 400 mm standard

Machine dimensions:
- Length = 3,83 m
Width = 0.90 m
Height = 1,85 m

Weight: 750 kg (standard version)

Automated feeder system, thumb notch, special cutting tools, stacking conveyor, different printing and labelling systems could be installed.

Our modular construction allows standard machines to be easily adapted for special requirements.