The largest in the range, the RCN320, produces flat pouches sealed on all four sides using two reels of flexible packaging material.Its distinctive feature is its ability to double or triple its production thanks to its double or triple track model.
- Prod
uctive in single or multi lane
- New technology more quietly
- Pouches up to 320 mm of width

Packaging material: all thermo sealable or cold sealable composites
- Linear speed: up to 25 m/min
Pouch width: 30 to 320 mm
Pouch length: 50 mm to any length to produce tubing
Height of product: up to 25 mm
Cycle rate: up to 150 cycles/min by lane
Reel diameter 400 mm (standard)

Machine dimensions:
Length = 4,00 m
Width = 1,25 m
Height = 1,85 m

Weight: 1200 kg (standard version)

multi lane, special infeed conveyors, automated feeder system, thumb notch, shape cutting tools, control by camera, automatic rejection station, stacking system, different kind of printing and labelling systems could be installed.

Our modular construction allows standard machines to be easily adapted for special requirements.